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Q3 & Q4 NNTC Newsletter 2023


Heavy Equipment Operator Training 2023
TRU, NNTC, ASETS program trains 15 in skilled trades. (pg. 2)

Introducing 4 new staff members
Accounts Payable Administrator, Archivist, Receptionist, Assistant Researcher. (pg. 3, 5, 7)

Trip to Skagit Headwaters
NNTC staff and youth record Skagit River headwaters for relicensing, cultural protection. (pg. 3)

Upper Skagit Tribe Members Visit the Nlaka’pamux
NNTC and Upper Skagit Tribe meet at Khamoose, discuss shared concerns, visit Hozomeen. (pg. 4)

Conservation and Culture: Understanding Rattlesnakes at nkshAytkn
nkshAytkn gathering at Shakan hall features packed presentation on endangered rattlesnakes. (pg. 5)

11th Annual Fishing Camp
NNTC’s Annual Fish Camp for Elders and Kids cans chinook, adapts to lean years. (pg. 6)

Elders Trip to the Skagit Valley
Group of 10 Nlaka’pamux elders visit Skagit Valley, Ross Reservoir in Diablo, USA. (pg. 8)

Jordan’s Principle: Vital Support
Michelle Isaac, Jordan’s Principle Coordinator, assists children with health, education, social needs. (pg. 9 , 10)

NNTC Xmas 2023 Staff Meeting
NNTC staff discuss work, colonial impacts, and celebrate achievements with meal on November 10th. (pg. 11)

Future of Digitization at nkshAytkn
Nlaka’pamux nation explores digitizing cultural heritage at Lytton’s Battlefield Centre, blending tradition and technology. (pg. 11)

Upcoming 2024 nkshAytkn
New Year Stick Games: Chief Niakia Hanna, Honoring Loved Ones. Exploring Roberts Family Connections: Heritage Event at Battlefield Centre. (pg. 12)

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