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Q2 NNTC Newsletter 2023


Nlaka’pamux Land Stewardship
Experts address land care, invasive species at Kumsheen ShchEma-meet School’s April 4th nkshAytkn event. (pg. 2)

lhQUOOpen (bitter root) Digging
May 4, Venables Valley: Over 100 joined the nkshAytkn bitter root digging on a beautiful day. (pg. 2)

Chief Janet Celebration
NNTC honors retired Chief Janet Webster, emphasizing her spirit, dedication, and leadership. (pg. 3)

June nkshAytkn Food Systems
Engaging discussions on traditional, local, and urban food systems hosted at Kumsheen ShchEma-meet School. (pg. 3)

Coho in the Classroom
The rejuvenated educational initiative reached 600 participants in a community-wide salmon lifecycle event. (pg. 4)

Update Recent Archeological Endeavors
Community technicians spearhead diverse projects, anticipating more extensive fieldwork in coming months. (pg. 5, 6)

Aboriginal Day Celebrations
Fun contests, fish painting, and bingo marked the joyful event at Battlefield Community Hall. (pg. 7)

Spring Survey in the Skagit Ross Lake
Nlaka’pamux Cultural Survey: Team honors heritage with Skagit Ross Lake expedition, uncovering ancestral trails and archaeological sites amid challenging terrain. (pg. 8, 9, 10)

NNTC Website and Newsletter Sign-up
Discover NNTC’s revamped website and sign up to receive newsletters directly in your inbox. (pg. 12)

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