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Q1 NNTC Newsletter 2024


January nkshAytkn
Stick Games event celebrates Nlaka’pamux culture, community, and traditional practices, featuring competitions and cultural activities. (pg. 2)

February nkshAytkn Genealogy
John Haugen hosted a gathering to explore genealogical ties between the Roberts family and Nlaka’pamux. (pg. 3, 4)

March nkshAytkn
Community session on Thompson River Salish Dictionary fosters Nlaka’pamux language preservation in Merritt and online. (pg. 5)

Skagit Relicensing Impact
NNTC engages in Skagit River hydroelectric project relicensing to safeguard Nlaka’pamux rights and environmental integrity over 50 years. (pg. 6)

New Director of Administration
Lee Anne Hunsbedt appointed Director of Administration at Nlaka’pamux Nation, bringing deep community commitment and experience. (pg. 7)

Grizzly Conservation Efforts
A.E.W. LP intensifies efforts to monitor and support the endangered Grizzly population in Fountain Valley-Hat Creek. (pg. 8)

Elk Population Monitoring
A.E.W. LP conducts an Elk Assessment in Lytton to track movement, health, and ensure road safety for the herd. (pg. 9)

AEW Employment Review
AEW 2023 reflects significant employment growth and extensive training, enhancing community skills and job opportunities. (pg. 10, 11)

Caterers Wanted
Seeking skilled caterers for events; offering competitive rates and opportunities to showcase culinary talents. (pg. 12)

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