NNTC Chair

Grand Chief Bob Pasco's name was originally Poscah, nlha'kapamhhchEEn for hummingbird. Forbidden to speak his language at residential school, Grand Chief Pasco became a tireless protector of the language.

Chief Nathan Spinks was appointed Chair when the NNTC was first formed.
Grand Chief Bob Pasco, Chair of the NNTC for nearly four decades, fought tirelessly for the protection and advancement of Nlaka'pamux title and rights - fighting for the language, the land and the fish. He will always be remembered for stopping the train to protect the salmon, which resulted in the longest standing injunction in the Commonwealth. Likewise, he will be remembered for gaining recognition of the Nlaka'pamux in the USA. Grand Chief Pasco continues to share his wisdom to guide the NNTC.
In 2020 Grand Chief Pasco's son, Chief Matt Pasco, became Chair of the NNTC. Chief Matt Pasco had worked with NNTC as Title Protector prior to becoming the Tribal Chair. Chief Matt Pasco has been instrumental in furthering Nlaka'pamux jurisdiction through the development of the Shared Decision Making Model and has focussed on growing the "inescapable economic component" of title.

Chief Matt Pasco is Chair of the NNTC. He has a diverse background: in addition to being father to Connor, Matt has worked with his own father as a rancher. He has competed in rodeos, sat on various boards and taught at NVIT.