Title and Rights

The NNTC exists to protect and advance Nlaka'pamux title and rights. Title and rights are our way of life, our ties to the land and our responsibility to protect for future generations. Title and rights are communal in nature.

The NNTC is focused on the following:
  • Fishing
  • Natural Resources
  • Language
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Economy
  • Children & Family
  • Health
  • Jurisdiction
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Picking traditional Bitter Root

Indigenous title and rights are recognized by the UN and all levels of government. But, in reality the struggle continues. The NNTC has fought for title and rights on the ground, in the courtroom and in the boardroom. Examples of NNTC initiatives include:

  • Caring for our children, whether they live in the community or elsewhere
  • Fishing, including conservation, harvesting, Natural Resource Officers & ghost net removal
  • Restorative Justice - Cit'ivc
  • Language preservation
  • Sharing our wisdom & stories - NkshAytkn
  • Shared Decision Making Board
Discussing Right of Way Impacts
Children and Families