Economic Ventures

There is "an inescapable economic component" to title and rights. The well-being and sustainability of the Nlaka'pamux Nation and full exercise of jurisdiction requires economic independence. NNTC has not followed the provincially developed models for revenue sharing. Instead, NNTC has created ownership, partnership and procurement opportunities as well as employment. These sustainable ventures include: hydro, solar, forestry, telecommunications and construction.

Nlaka'pamux archaeology teams and Environmental Assessment processes ensure that, in economic ventures, title and rights are protected to Nlaka'pamux standards which far exceed federal and provincial standards. Economic developments in the Nation must adhere to the NNTC Resource and Land Use Decision-Making Policy and Process.

NNTC economic structures include:

  • Nlaka'pamux Resources Ltd.
  • a choomEEn a Nlaka'pamux
  • AEW
  • ShQAQuash
  • quA-ymn
  • Nhwelmen-Lake
  • Jou Dem